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This section contains all of my Anthropomorhpic/Furries art I've done within the past years. The pictures from top to bottom are in presentation of my new to older art work. Not all characters are copyright to me, some are commissions and some are personal characters I've created. Just hover over the thumbnails to see a small description of each piece. :)

NOTE: My alias is Machina so that's why most of my art is signed with 'Machina'


Character for site banner Commission for Matteh Dakota revised Icon Commission for Matteh Commission for Shaard Raptor girl Icon Commission for Sovy Commission for Kirk Icon Commission for jcrescent Fursona idea Commission for Kintarius Random Character


Commission of my character Bif and his for Further Dezi in colored pencils Commission for Lord Kanin Commission for Surfurry Niwa revised Dezi done in pixels Random Character Lineart of a red squirrel character Gift art for Taek Dezi sad Icon Commission for Trip Icon Commission for YoshiFox Commission for Eddy Icon Commission for Jdude Icon Commission for Genwyn Icon Commission for Punkaroo Icon Commission for Mpanther Icon Commission for Myon Trade with Ruaidri Icon Commission for Rioaka Sadness Dark wolf Commission for Dark Rowan the lion Random furry girl Damien reference sheet Icon Commission for Further Gift art for Yuuri Random Character Gift art for Kurtsa Dezi chillin on an amp Commission for Laini Toastotter for Arcturus Commission for Sovy Random Character Commission for Firhax Giftart for Shizuki Run away Commission for NekoBoy Ave and Amity for Terrah Icon Commission Farel Icon Commission for Sovy Icon Commission for Ranmafan Icon Commission for SamoyedSin Dezi sitting on couch Commission for Maou Commission for Kaia Commission for Arcturus Agent Nine with gun Nine Commission for Slut (username) Commission for Whegin Amity colored sketch for Terrah Ave for Terrah Kix raving for Terrah Dezi my wallaroo Random bat


Kix for Terrah Amity for Terrah My skunk Rukai Rukai and Eddy Commission Gift for Eugene Shaded lion in pencil Tyoga X Fox Niwa: Red Squirrel Dingo: Camo Lakota reference sheet Birthday love Colorful donkey Don't break your promises Sharpy the raccoon Lance for Terrah Tennis and baseball Hugging a pillow Feathers Valentine's Candy Commission for GcKami Commission for Punkaroo Hyena boy Hanging out Meerkat Green fox


Jacey Bunny boy In the library Caliber Feel better Snow leopard Old fursonas Lysan black and white pencil Lysan Random Character Older Bif design Kissing Giftart for Mitski Axey Axey in colored pencil Journal banner for contest Random Character Second Life Kani Evan's sister Evan passed out in a street Khyan Stan Alan Charm the bunny pilot Fluffy creature named Meer Request for Anda Evan Dakota being playful Dakota Listening to his Zune Dakota Kyrune Arc Dwayne hanging out in a cemetary Dwayne chillin' Dwayne Aleck in snow Fiver and Raz handcuffed together Request for Blaire Request for Yosi Savvy Exrai

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